Leom Designs

Uniquely designed yoga, dance, festive and everyday clothing

Leom Designs is a dream that has manifested itself into the realms of clothing, yet in essence is beyond fashion or form. Born from the quest to connect with my higher self I followed a unique thread into the realms of Leom. Come visit my beautiful walk in closet at Soulplay Festival and wrap your self up in threads of love.

Mousike (Mooh-see-KEEH)

Your Bridge to Spirit

Mousike offers a lovely selection of individually soured Crystals, Stones, Singing Bowls, Stone Essences, Vibrational Jewelry, Tools for Evolving and Healing, Sacred Deity Statues and much more.... These items embody the energies of Stone Beings, Crystals, Plants, Animals, the Elementals and Devic Spirits. Come peruse their shop and be apart of the magic!

Phoenix Rising

We are honored to be presenting our clothing at Soulplay this year. We will be offering our latest collection of jackets, pants, shorts, and tops for men, and coats, leggings, dresses, skirts, and tops for women. Our intention is that our designs call forth our timeless essence that wants to find expression in the here and now…as a sort of a link to our previous incarnations as fully empowered human beings. We are realizing that in essence we are warriors, and we are regal...we are rugged, and we can express this rugged beauty through how we present ourselves to the world. We believe that clothing can express a deep sense of strength and power as well as incorporate beauty, grace, and elegant form. May our designs honor you in your highest form, and inspire you to embody your highest vision of yourself. At this time the world needs us all to embody our most impeccable and empowered selves. May the clothing that we create continue to inspire you to be in your highest, to reach for your dreams, and to conjure magic in your life.

All Goods From the Woods

Goods From The Woods will offer Handcrafted Wild Jewelry. As the seasons change, so does their jewelry. They harvest and preserve mushrooms, moss, seasonal blooms, twigs, mine all their own crystals, chrysocolla and amazonite, and gather a wide variety of wildlife sheds and insects/wings to create organic jewelry from these forest finds.

Solei Yoga

Solei Yoga is a bohemian-inspired collection of yoga mat bags maintaining quality, comfort and style both on and off the mat. Every product designed by SOLEI YOGA is manufactured at home in California, not only reducing our carbon footprint but also providing jobs for the community.

Bella Luna Coffee

Mobile Organic Cafe

Bella Luna Coffee is a mobile cafe serving organic direct trade coffee made with all organic dairy and dairy substitutes. They pride themselves on serving delicious, beautiful and sustainable beverages. They will be selling all things coffee related as well as chai, tea, Italian sodas and kombucha and look forward to meeting you!